The 1997 reunion was held in Krefeld and the photograph below was taken during our visit to the 16 Signal Regiment RHQ, Krefeld Lines, Rheindahlen Garrison on 22 September 1997.

Rear L to R. Bill Higgs, Ted Hebden, Mike Sheldon, John Farrell, Jim Brooks, Dick Burt (Deceased August 1999)
Center L to R. Tom Watts, Pete Weedon, Roger Sparks, David Glynn, Ron Batey, Brian Cummingham MBE, Roger Stebbing, Chris Bartlett (Deceased 2000), Anne Ferrier (nee Fossett).
Front L to R. WO1 (RSM) Jim Boyle, Trev Davies, Chris Sheldon (nee Bufton), Teri Crow (nee Terry), Hazel Hebden (nee Crockett), Brenda Sweeney, Pat Cumming, Jackie Farrell (nee Hurley), Elizabeth Gibb (nee Evans), Ray Gilks.

Teri Crow (nee Evelyn Terry) reports:
14th April 1966 as 17 year old W/427597 Pte Terry EM, I was driven through the gates of Bradbury Barracks, Krefeld, the home of 16 Signal Regiment, in the back of a 3 tonne truck having newly arrived to start a career as a fully trained Comcen Op B3, in the TRC Krefeld, fondly known as “The Hole”.
19th September 1997 found me driving myself through those same gates as a 49 year old mum and grandmother. Although 7 Signal Regiment is the resident unit,WO1 (RSM) Pete Griffiths had generously offered to host the 2nd reunion of the 60’s 16ers. This group of various trades ‘people’ (to be politically correct) who, like myself, had served 16 Signal Regiment during the 1960’s. The group was the result of Chris Bartlett and John Farrell (whose communication network the Royal Signals would be proud of), establishing contacts around Great Britain, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, by utilising old friends contacting each other, newspaper and Teletext Ch4 page 682 to spread the word of the group’s formation.
I arrived at 0800hrs, weary and bleary eyed having made an overnight journey however, with no rest for the wicked, the weekend’s programme was outlined to me by Chris Bartlett and 3 hours later was watching an emotional Freedom of the City ceremony, from the Oburbergermeister Dieter Putzhofen of Krefeld to 7 Signal Regiment, which took place in front of the Rathaus in Krefeld, to the rousing music of the Royal Signals Band. A champagne reception followed, sending my bleary eyes to bloodshot! Back to Barracks and a mad flurry to prepare for the LS and GC presentations in the WO’s andSgt’s Mess which produced even more vision distortion as the celebrations continued, (reminding me of the old refrain “my eyes are dim I cannot see”). Friday night, without late passes being required, the majority of the group frequented the old watering holes and reminisced of good times, past and present. Saturday was a fairly laid back until 11 am when Bradbury Fayre opened, heralding another long day, as the evening was the All Ranks dance, and dance we did, until 2.30am, along with many other revellers who all appeared at least 2 decades younger than me. As the wine flowed that ’old red eyes’ feeling returned. Back in the block we carried on partying with a mixture of jokes and 60’s songs and at 4am I crawled to bed with my joints feeling the worse for wear, having enjoyed a memorable night of hospitality. Sunday was R and R, at least until 11am when we surfaced to eat and then watch hockey, followed by a not so brisk walk to check out more watering holes (especially the one where I saw England beat Germany 4-2 in the 1966 world cup). Sunday night was the time to say farewell to some members of the group who had to return to England early so a meal was arranged, with yet more amber nectar to be checked out! Age having caught up with me (and I was one of the youngsters!) I slept through till Monday when a visit to 16 Signal Regiment, now stationed in Rheindahlen, was planned. WO1 (RSM) Jim Boyle met and set us off on an excellent 5 hour conducted tour, which was interspersed with lunch in the WO’s and Sgt’s Mess and afternoon tea in the Bradbury Club. Just as my eyes were beginning to feel more like part of me, it was short-lived as farewell drinls had been scheduled for that evening. As I retired to bed that night, I felt as if I was that 17 year old again, having been on the party circuit, (as we did). With mixed emotions of sadness at leaving having experienced a very special time with old colleagues and friends, reliving my youth whilst walking over old ground I Bradbury Barracks and Krefeld, and happiness at having had a tremendous weekend, thanks to our hosts at 7 and 16 Signal Regiments, I returned home on Tuesday. May I add a very special thank you to Chris Bartlett and John Farrell and their tolerant wives, for all their hard work in planning what was for me a very memorable wander through the past and I look forward to next year’s reunion.                                      

                                                                                   See pics sent in by Reme Harper


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