Date:   Saturday 23rd of August 2014, 4:04 pm
Name:   Reme
Number:   2,729
It is with sadness that I have to inform our members that Jim Brooks passed away in the early hours of this morning. Ken O'Hagan some 10miutes ago told me of Jims passing and I in turn, have just spoke to Jims daughter, Sue in Germany. She said that Jim had got to the stage of being unable to walk 3 paces without being out-of-breath and it is believed that he died of an Heart attack. I trust our committee will be engaging with Jims family to offer our clubs condolences. Details of Jims funeral will be posted on this site as soon as Sue lets me know, should anyone wish to go over. Trust jim is with his good mate Trev Davies now, regards Reme.



THOSE SATURDAY MORNINGS - memories of Jim Brooks

When Lt. Col. Lucas Royal Signals took over as Commanding Officer in mid 60's he introduced Saturday morning 'clean up' parades once a month. The following true account by Jim Brooks is his most abiding memory of those Saturday mornings.

I remember those Saturday morning clean - up parades like it was yesterday - a thing of the past nowadays. One crisp Saturday morning in particular I was detailed to hoe the edges around block 3 and the guardroom. We had been busy for about an hour when I decided it was time for a 'smoke-break', so I put down my hoe and lit a cigarette, at that moment along came RSM Len Dathan and SSM Bill Higgs. The RSM asked me "Does that hoe work on its own soldier?" I looked at both of them and on the spur of the moment the answer came to me. I replied "I don't know sir I haven't asked it " there was a moments deathly silence than came the outburst from both of them "I'll put you in jail if you answer like that again." I then responded " with all due respect Sir! You ask me a silly question, you will get a silly answer," both foaming at the mouth marched off and left me alone.

"I was that soldier"

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