Memories of John Dixon

After leaving 16 Sigs, I had just over a year in 263 Signal Squadron Bahrain, which took me to various other theatres in that area, Aden, Trucial Omen States, etc.

I was stationed out there at the start of the Arab/Israeli 6-day war, where my claim to fame was that, thanks to me, the whole of Bahrain garrison was put on alert. I was on "Dhow" patrol with the Navy as their radio op, when we came under fire early morning as we were sailing under the causeway between Bahrain Island and Muharraq Island. The skipper, a Lt Commander, gave me a message to send, an Op Immediate, live!!, back to Headquarters HMS Jufair. (These, I might add, was the first and only live Op Immediate message I had sent in my whole army carreer). Of course, when we got back to HMS Jufair that evening the whole camp was a buzz of activity - squaddies running around with real rifles and SMG's. My first thought was that World War 3 had started! But no, only a reaction from my Op Immediate message. Obviously my rigourous training in good old 16 Sigs bore some fruit! From the middle East I was posted to 30 Signal Regiment in Blandford, where we were sent for a two week sortie, ( being a strat reservw unit ), two months later we returned,

I have benn in sales since leaving the service, sold sweeties for the then Rowntree Mackintosh group, then on to kitchen cutlery with a company called Kitchen Devils, part of the Wilkinson Sword group, then within the outdoor leisure industry. I joined companies like Karrimor, Burton McCall, Tog 24 etc. I became a director of a company called Mirencastle Leisure Ltd. They unfortunately went into liquidation, so I formed my own company, John Dixon Agency, still in the outdoor leisure industry, selling to the retail sector a range of hiking boots, sleeping bags, socks, tents, accessories etc.

So, sorry I've rambled ona bit, but as you can guess by now, I've done nothing fantastically special, pretty mundane really, however, one thing I do profess it was thanks to my time in the service that gave me the knowledge and outwardness to embark on a career in sales.

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