Chairman’ Message December 2022

Here we are folks, a year on since the last Christmas message and like everyone else, WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!

Thankfully we seem to have left the worst of Covid behind but there is always something to test our resolve. Now it is the cost of living going through the roof but we will come through this, us Brits always do. But on that point if you feel you need help and want to know how to contact SSAFA please have a chat with our secretary Beverley.

I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas, we have got the decorations out of the loft, now we will spend the next few days putting them up.

We have just attended Project Noel at Liverpool, the first time Ted and I have had the opportunity to go. It was a great weekend and the Carol Service was beautiful and a great start to the Christmas celebrations. The Gala Dinner in the evening was a hit with everyone.

As you know we have had a problem with the venue for the next reunion but luckily Noreen came to the rescue. Originally, she was going to put Torquay forward for 2024 but has managed to pull it forward to 2023. Noreen and Pete Weedon have visited the hotel and are very pleased with it. I would like to thank Noreen and the committee for their hard work in getting all the information out and so please, please get your bookings in as soon as possible, they have to be with Noreen by 21st January at the very latest. The recce is planned for the beginning of April and that needs to be booked if you are attending.

As for Ted and I, we are off to Australia in the middle of January and returning in the middle of March. We are going to see our daughter Sally who got married in July and now lives near Melbourne. We also plan a visit to Brisbane to meet her new in-laws who we have been unable to meet until now.

Sadly, we lost some of our members this year, Moira Graham, Julie Buckley and Barry Edwards and Elizabeth lost her partner Vivian. Our thoughts are with all the families at this time of year and hope that despite their losses they will still be able to enjoy the celebrations with their families and friends.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2023.

Love and hugs to you all

Hazel xx