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     The 60s 16ers

                                            The 16th Signal Regt 1960s Reunion Club

   Those men and women who served at Bradbury Barracks in Krefeld between 1960 - 1970

THIS WEEKS JOKE .................. A true story; you gotta love him. One day, shortly after joining the PGA tour in 1965, Lee Trevino, a professional golfer and married man, was at his home in Dallas, Texas mowing his front lawn, as he always did. A lady driving by in a big, shiny Cadillac stopped in front of his house, lowered the window and asked, “Excuse me, do you speak English?” Lee responded, “Yes Ma'am, I do." The lady then asked, “What do you charge to do yard work?” Lee said, "Well, the woman in this house lets me sleep with her." The lady hurriedly put the car into gear and sped off.
Hi All, ..... I would just like to inform you that I will be transferring the balance payment for all our 2017 Reunion accommodation bookings to the Mercure Hotel on the 18th August. Under the terms and conditions of the contract made between our Reunion Club and the Mercure Hotel, any cancellations made after this date will only receive a maximum of 10% refund of the booking cost. Any individual balance payments not received by me by this date, will result in the rooms in question being handed back to the hotel, otherwise our Reunion Club will be held responsible for the shortfall. If anyone who has still to make their balance payment and is doing so by cheque, please take into consideration the few days it will take to clear. Thank you all for your attention. Dave Aldous