The 60s 16ers Reunion Club


Person interested in joining can email secretary here

Criteria for Membership

To be eligible to join the 60s 16ers Reunion Club the person must either have served in the regiment during the 1960s or be married or partner to a member. Continued membership will depend on the person subscribing to the Club on a yearly basis.

Committee Members

The Aim of the Committee

The Committee of The 60s 16ers Reunion Club will endeavour to ensure that the club continues in the spirit of it founder member Chris Bartlett.

Committee Roles


The position of chairman will be decided on a three yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by election from within the Club membership. The tenure of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman shall be staggered to enable continuation of plans.

The Chairman will:

        Undertake to always act in the best interest of the Club and will have final say on matters relating to the running and membership of the club.

        Be guided by the wishes of the membership and when it is felt necessary will arrange for more complicated and controversial issues to go to a vote at the AGM (time permitting).

        Endeavour to keep the membership fully informed of issues relating to the Club and will liaise with other committee members to that end.

        Oversee and advise those people undertaking roles that are not designated committee roles, eg publication of The Bradbury Mercury and Internet Web Page.

Deputy Chairman

The Deputy Chairman (DC) will be decided on a three yearly basis at the AGM by election from within the Club membership.

The DC

        Will offer advice and support to the Chairman.

        In the event of the Chairman being incapacitated and unable to continue in the role then the DC will take over until either the Chairman is able to resume the role or until the next AGM where an election will take place.

Secretary /Membership Secretary

The Secretary will be decided on a three yearly basis at the AGM by election from within the Club membership.

The secretary will:

        Keep up to date records of AGMs.

        Ensure that the minutes of the AGM are published in the Bradbury Mercury in order to keep all members up to date on issues regarding the club.

        Assist the Chairman with written communication and arranging block mailing to Club members.

The Membership Secretary will:

        Keep an accurate record of membership and their contact details.

        Not divulge personal information to anyone other than committee members. Any person wishing to contact other members on the list will need to go through the membership secretary who will establish that the member is happy for personal details to be given to another individual.

        Encourage new members.

        Keep the Treasurer informed of the source of all monies deposited in the Club bank account by him/herself.


The Treasurer will be decided on a three yearly basis at the AGM by election from within the Club membership.

The Treasurer will:

        Keep accurate records of all monies within the club and give a yearly report to the membership at the AGM.

        Hold all bank details.

        Not make decisions regarding payments from Club funds rather will be guided by the committee and ultimately the Chairman.

        Accept yearly subscriptions from members after the AGM. Those not able to attend the AGM should send payment directly to the Treasurer

        Keep an up to date record of subscriptions paid, make that record available to all committee members and ensure publication in the Bradbury Mercury.

        Prepare an annual budget to inform the committee and enable financial planning for the year.


The Entertainment Co-ordinator


The Entertainment Co-ordinator will;