Torbay Reunion 2003



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This year began so slowly

But then it passed so fast

And now its time for us to meet

In our hotel at last


But first we have to get there

Some journeys seem to fly

But once you just get started

The hours just pass you by


Arriving is a pleasure

Just like a great big game

You're looking, searching everywhere

To see who's just the same


First its one, then its two

The faces we all know

Our friends are all arriving

their faces all aglow


The weather done us proud this year

And the sun shone everyday

So Torquay was just perfect

I think we all will say


I really am so very proud

To know you everyone

And when we are together

The thirty years have gone


So get prepared foe Scotland

My homeland welcomes you

I know you will enjoy it

And the Scots will love you too.

  Marlene O'Hagan (nee Coulter)