Blackpool Reunion 2002

Pics from Sue Harper

Itís nearly time for Blackpool a few more days to go

You shouldnít wish your life away but time just goes so slow

Iíve dreamed so much about this day when weíre all there at last

And  the only faces I can see are somewhere in the past

But 30 years have changed us no matter what we say

And  I think when weíre together those years will melt away

We each all have our memories some sad and funny too

When we were young and happy and always much to do

I think we made the most of it burnt candles at both ends

And some of us I know were truly special friends

I loved it there in Krefeld I never felt alone

And I never knew what fear was because this was my home

This must be true for all of us if we want to meet again

And I know that all this weekend is just going to feel the same

I thank you all thatís coming  there, for being part you see

You gave me special memories that mean so much to me

So yes I wish my life away because I cannot wait

And Iíll be there on Friday, to make sure that Iím not late



    -The waiting now is over weíve been and it was great                                              

So now we have a year to go donít know if I can wait

The Friday night was quiet we hadnít all arrived

With problems on the roads our people were so tired

So we just all behaved ourselves it really was quite tame

But the next two nights were different I think we went insane

They say you cant go back in time I know they got that wrong

Because the years just fell away when Zulu was their song

At least the lasses all can dance the fella's not a clue

Somehow it didnít matter we danced the whole night through

We laughed and sang for hours no trouble did we bring

And even when the civvies joined we all just had a fling

For me it was just wonderful I saw Jackie Liz and Torrie

But it changed a bit when I saw Tweet he used to make me worry

Until I saw heís just the same soft hearted and he cared

But I can still run rings round him no more did I run scared

I expected mixed emotions and felt them every day

But when it was all over it hurt to walk away

It hurt so bad to say goodbye to friends I love so much

But we all made real promises this time we wonít lose touch

I know that this wonít happen I do believe its true

Because weíre all in signals and we know what to do

It was just truly wonderful no more of wondering where



Marlene O'Hagan (nee Coulter)