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    Copy of Chairman's speech


Welcome to the 2007 AGM

May I start by saying how pleasing it is to see so many happy, smiling faces? This in my view is testament to what these weekends have come to symbolise, Warmth, Friendship and the spirit for enjoying oneself. It is however with regret that some familiar faces are noticeably missing through whatever reason but hopefully they will be back at our next reunion.

Now I am sure you are all with me when I say a special thank you to this years organisers Laurie, Noreen, Dixie, for all their hard work and efforts in ensuring that this weekend is a huge success.  The superb venue and the attention of the hotel staff have been in my opinion second to none.

 I would now like to report on how the reunion club has been running over the past year.  Since taking over as chairman it hasnít been as smooth as I had envisaged. 

 Sadly 2006 ended on a sad note with the death of our dear friend Trevor.  Having been a member from the beginning he will be greatly missed.

 2007 did not start any better when it was reported that Geordie Snaife had died. Although he wasnít a member a lot of our members knew him.  Then in May this year Eric Firth (ex RSM) passed away.  His funeral was well attended and his daughter Sue would like to pass on her gratitude to the members of the 60ís 16ers Reunion Club. It has also been reported this year that other members have been ill or are ill, so for those we wish them a speedy recovery.

 I know it has been mentioned in the past. but if any member hear of some ones illness then please inform us, either by the dreambook or phoning a member of the committee, this will then enable us to help in any way possible.

 There were certain other matters which arose this year and I am hoping we will be able to iron them out at this AGM.

 As we all know our secretary Laurie is standing down after 10 years. 9 of them as membership secretary so on your behalf I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the hard work she has put in.

 Also our Treasurer Noreen has completed her term of office, so again on your behalf I would like to thank her, for her hard work in looking after our finances and for lending me an ear and offering advice when needed.

 The Bradbury Mercury has improved immensely. This is down to Ted and Gwen, our editor Tweet and the members who have submitted material.  This has been required for such a long time and it makes things easier for those involved with the magazine.  Please keep it coming and not just the usual members.

 The new dreambook is up and running and proving successful. This is all thanks to our web master Ted Hebden, now hopefully we wonít have the same gremlin as with the last one.

 Finally a big thank you to Bridget (my personal secretary) for supporting me in all that I do.

 Hopefully we will all have a better year ahead of us. 

 God Bless.