The 60's 16ers is an association for ex members who served with 16 Signal Regiment including HQ BAOR Signal Troop during the 1960s. It arose as a result of a conversation I had with a former Royal Signals colleague in the autumn of 1995. I blitzed various service magazines, Channel 4 Teletext page 682, national and local press, as a result of which by the time we held our first reunion in the Naval and Military Club Southend on Sea in June of 1996 I had 57 contacts. A total of 35 attended the inaugural reunion, with two members flying in from Canada and Hong Kong. An AGM was held at the inaugural reunion to establish a few ground rules for future guidance. Members decided that for the foreseeable future membership would be confined to the 1960s. Additionally, an annual subscription would be levied, to help with costs, to be reviewed annually at AGM. Reunions would be held on an annual basis, and where possible rotating between UK and Germany. This is a great opportunity to meet/contact former friends/colleagues. We have re-established links with our former Regiment - now stationed in Rheindahlen - and 7 Signal Regiment who occupy Bradbury Barracks, Krefeld the later kindly hosted us during our 1997 reunion. 

"Written by the club founder, the late Chris Bartlett, who sadly passed away on Saturday 2nd September whilst attending the 2000 reunion at 16 Signal Regiment, Rheindahlen Garrison."